We are fortunate to live in the wonderful community of Helena, MT that offers so many outdoor recreation activities. With over 70 miles of trails adjacent to our town, running is one of the most popular sports in the area. Unfortunately, running accounts for one of the leading causes of orthopedic injuries with 3 out of every 4 runners currently dealing with an injury. This is why at Optimal Sports Physical Therapy we offer in-depth running analysis to help prevent injuries, improve performance, and address running-related injuries as they arise. Our therapists are athletes themselves and are passionate about helping you perform better and want to help runners achieve their goals.


What is a running analysis?

  • Our therapists record you running from several different angles with a video camera. This video is then analyzed by the therapist using special software to measure joint angles, running patterns, stride length, and cadence. This information is then used to guide recommendations to prevent or recover from running-related injury.

Who should have a running analysis performed?

  • Anyone from the seasoned ultra-marathon runner to a first timer training for a 5K will benefit from a running analysis. Running analysis is a powerful tool that can help prevent injuries and improve running performance for anyone who wants to run.

What is included in a running analysis?

  • Besides analyzing your running biomechanics on a treadmill, you will also perform a series of strength and mobility tests to provide a more comprehensive picture of your strengths and mobility deficits that may contribute to your running performance. Following this assessment, your therapist will make specific recommendations for exercises and modifications to your running program that address your specific needs.

How long does a running analysis take?

  • Our standard running analysis takes 1 hour to perform. However, there are options to undergo a more in-depth assessment if desired. Services offered beyond the standard running analysis include counseling on running programs, personalized workout programs, and force plate testing to assess running kinetics and kinematics. Contact our clinic today to discuss these options.