Bicycle Safety for all Riders

Bicycle related injuries are common. Injuries can be caused by overuse, acute trauma, and poor bike fit. Bicycle related injuries can be prevented using a few key strategies. Learn more about how to prepare for a bicycle ride, what to wear, and what to carry with you on your next bicycle ride. Help prevent injuries by being prepared.

How to maintain Healthy Tendons

Tendon injuries are common. Mostly caused by overuse. Tendon injuries can also be effectively treated when caught early. Learn more about how to maintain your tendon health, recognize signs of injury, and how tendon injuries are treated.



7 easy stretches to counteract sitting all day

Long periods of time without regular activity can be very hard on the body. Research is indicating that those who sit for long stretches have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and shortened life expectancy. Incorporating simple stretching exercises at your desk can help to get your blood pumping and improve your posture.


Running Analysis

At Optimal Sports Physical Therapy we offer a running analysis to help prevent injuries, improve performance, and address running-related injuries as they arise. Read for more details about running analysis and how it can help you achieve your running goals.

Rehabilitating the Injured Golfer

 Most golf-related injuries are a result of overuse, poor mechanics, or a combination of the two. When an incorrect golf swing is repeated frequently, stress is placed on the joints, muscles, and tendons, gradually resulting in injury. Read more about golf injuries and how to prevent them.

The Benefits of Direct Access PT

With direct access physical therapy, you can skip seeing multiple physicians for musculoskeletal injuries and head straight to your Physical Therapist. Read more about how direct access can help you achieve your goals.


The Truth About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

 Do you pee a little when you laugh or sneeze? Leaking when you laugh, sneeze, or go for a run are signs that you may be experiencing pelvic floor issues. Read to find out more about pelvic floor dysfunction and how physical therapy can help.

Strength Training for Seniors

 Hitting the weight room can be intimidating at any age! Especially for seniors who have never incorporated strength training into their workout routines. But, don’t sweat it! Optimal Sports Physical Therapy is here to help guide seniors on how to make strength training safe and effective. 

8 Simple Ways Natural Foods Help to Fight Inflammation

 You can fight chronic inflammation and help your body heal! Have you heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Research is showing that there are many foods and supplements that can help to fight inflammation.



4 Reasons Why Telehealth PT Is So Effective

The advances in technology are driving many industries to think and act in new and exciting ways. Physical therapy is no exception. Harnessing the power of the internet is allowing physical therapists to engage with patients in exciting new ways. Read for more details about how telehealth can help you.



Fighting Depression and Anxiety with Exercise

 Physical exercise is not only great for your body but your mind as well. 
People who exercise regularly also tend to have a strong sense of well-being. Read for more details on how exercise can help you stay mentally fit.


A Quick Guide to ACL Injuries

 ACL injuries commonly occur during sports or physical activities. Such as football, basketball, soccer, downhill skiing, or even jumping on a trampoline. ACL injuries are often season-ending injuries. Don’t let them become career-ending too. Read for more details to find out more about ACL injuries and their treatment options.


Healthy Heart

 Heart disease is preventable in most cases! Read to explore what heart disease is and ways that you can get and maintain a healthy heart. 


Winter Sports Injury Prevention

 In winter sports, including both skiing and snowboarding, lower extremity injuries are the most common. This includes bone fractures, torn ligaments, joint injuries, and sprains or strains. Read for more details on preventing injuries to keep you on the slopes.


Nutrition for Healing

Proper nutrition is critical for an athlete during the season and during recovery. During the season, an athlete might be looking to gain lean muscle, build strength, or run faster. A well-balanced diet is even more important after an injury. Read to find out what you can do to enhance your immune system and help your body heal.



 Three Easy and Practical Habits for the New Year

 Approximately 80% or more of people who make a new year’s resolution will not complete them. Read for more details to find out how you can convert resolutions into habits and be successful this year.


  The Powerful Therapeutic Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction

 New research into BFR (blood flow restriction) training has demonstrated that BFR can help improve muscle strength. For those looking to improve muscle strength while rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, low-load blood flow restriction therapy at Optimal Sports Physical Therapy may be right to help you achieve your goals!


  Latest Expert Advice for Sports Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussions are becoming more commonplace in sports; especially among youth athletes participating in contact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and cheerleading.  To optimize sport-related concussion rehabilitation, take quick action by seeing a physical therapist. Read more to find out how we can help you recover from your concussion.




 A woman’s guide to preventing injury

Female athletes are at risk for changes in stability, strength, and flexibility which can lead to an increase in repeat injuries or an increased likelihood of injury during physical activity. Read here to find out how Optimal Sports PT can help keep you in your game.