Do you order your groceries online for pick-up? Do you chat with an Amazon representative when you have a question about an order? Do you video chat with family or friends? Or, do you access your lab results or medical records from your primary care online?

Engaging with retailers, family, friends or with your primary care are all examples of how the internet has changed our everyday lives. For many of us, we turn to the internet to search for a product recommendation. Or we search for information about health problems.

The advances in technology are driving many industries to think and act in new and exciting ways. Physical therapy is no exception. Harnessing the power of the internet allows physical therapists to engage with patients in exciting new ways. Physical therapists can now provide screenings, assessments, and education virtually, while giving patients the opportunity to manage their rehabilitation from home.

A variety of telehealth tools are available to help you manage your health care and receive the services you need most. Optimal Sports Physical Therapy is excited to offer telehealth services for new and existing patients. Are you taking advantage of the telehealth services available at Optimals Sports Physical Therapy?

What is telehealth physical therapy?

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare information utilizing electronic communication. This may include a patient portal, secure messaging, and video conferencing. Telehealth is pushing patients and providers alike to rethink how care is delivered.

Telehealth physical therapy can be combined with or replace an in-person physical therapy session. Telehealth physical therapy services are delivered using a technology platform with both video and audio. Allowing physical therapists to communicate, collaborate, and demonstrate directly with patients in real-time.

How is telehealth physical therapy provided?

Telehealth physical therapy is provided using a secure, live online video and audio platform. The live video and audio allow the patient and provider to engage in real-time for treatments, exercise demonstrations, and monitoring.

Telehealth appointments are an excellent way to continue with your rehabilitation. and stay in contact with your physical therapist from the comfort of your home. 

Are telehealth physical therapy appointments private and secure?

All of your personal healthcare information is protected for both telehealth and in-person visits. Telehealth visits at Optimals Sports Physical Therapy are HIPPA compliant. We manage our telehealth visits with the same security as our other electronic patient communication.

Will my insurance cover my telehealth physical therapy appointments?

Established Optimal Sports Physical Therapy patients are eligible for telehealth and in most cases, we are able to provide telehealth physical therapy services to new patients as well. 

If you are interested in receiving telehealth-based treatments or want more information, please call the Optimals Sports Physical Therapy clinic at 406-502-1782 or email us at to verify eligibility and confirm benefits.

4 Reasons Why Telehealth Physical Therapy Is So Effective

Enhances traditional face-to-face medicine.

Research indicates that patients show improved adherence to their rehabilitation program when telehealth sessions are used as a part of the treatment plan. Telehealth visits can be beneficial for all patients. But, patients who have had a total knee replacement, experience chronic low back pain, or have suffered from a stroke are ideal candidates. These patients typically require more intense therapy. And having frequent check-ins with a physical therapist can help keep the patient on track.

Offering on-demand or pre-scheduled telehealth sessions allow patients to check-in on their progress and ask questions without the cost and time of an in-person visit. Physical therapists are also able to adjust treatment plans as needed. Potentially sooner than your next in-office visit.

Improves patient satisfaction.

Numerous research studies have indicated that in addition to enhanced outcomes, patients using telehealth have higher satisfaction with their care. 

Scheduling conflicts, appointment wait times, and financial burdens can decrease patient satisfaction.  Yet, the quicker a patient seeks physical therapy the better their outcomes will be. Telehealth can provide faster access to care and decreased financial burdens for patients. Allowing patients to seek the care they need as they need it. 

Taking time off work or finding transportation can add financial burdens to a patient. Often decreasing their satisfaction with their overall care experience. Telehealth physical therapy visits can eliminate many financial and scheduling burdens that patient’s face. By offering live, secure video conferencing patients have flexible scheduling options. And do not need to incur additional financial burdens with transportation or time off work.

Expands access to care.

Many patients who need physical therapy do not have access to the necessary services. This might be because of location, mobility, or time. Research indicates that telehealth physical therapy visits can provide patients with improved function and quality of life. Especially for those in rural areas where physical therapy may not be available. 

Telehealth physical therapy allows patients to receive much needed services no matter their access to care. 

Enhances patient engagement.

Do you struggle with at-home exercises prescribed by your physical therapist? Or, have you stopped the exercise because it hurts? By layering in telehealth with in-office visits, patients are able to stay more engaged in their long-term rehabilitation. Video conferencing allows physical therapists to check in on patients, demonstrate exercises, or even update rehabilitation plans. Many patients experience fewer unscheduled visits and setbacks when utilizing telehealth versus patients who only use in-office visits.

Optimals Sports Physical therapy is committed to helping you achieve your goals. We recognize that making it to our clinic may not always work for you. By using expanding technology platforms, we are able to offer our patients live, secure telehealth visits. Optimal Sports PT telehealth visits can be combined with or replace an in-office visit. 

We’re here to help and want to provide you with the right care at the right time for you! No need to cancel your visit if you can’t make it. Reschedule for a telehealth appointment instead. If you are an existing Optimal Sports PT patient, discuss your individual needs with your physical therapist to understand how telehealth can work for you. 
Want to learn more? Contact our office at 406-502-1782 or email us at to verify eligibility and confirm benefits. You can learn more about Telehealth Physical Therapy on our webpage by following the link